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Major Memories await at Khami Ruins

Major Memories await at Khami Ruins
October 22, 2020

Retreat Lodge offers hospitality, warmth and tranquility for both 🌞 leisure and business travelers.👔

👉The lodge is just 30 minutes away from cultural attractions such as the Khami Ruins World Heritage & Cultural Site🎨.

Khami Ruins⏳, an extensive complex of stonewalled sites, lies 22 km West of Bulawayo.

The site represents all that remains of the capital 👌of one of southern Africa’s great empires, which was at its peak from 1450-1650.

👉In its day, the population of Khami would have lived in mud-built huts surrounded by a series of granite walls, similar to constructions during the later stages of development at 🌍Great Zimbabwe.

The ruins are nowhere near as well preserved as Great Zimbabwe🌝, but the foundations of the chief’s residence (mambo) are clearly visible at 👌the northern end of the site.

😎You need to see it for yourself to appreciate just how magnificent this site is.

Just let us know in advance you want to visit this World Heritage Site and we’ll chauffer you😉.

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